Blue Tree Beacons provide simple and cost effective solutions anywhere you need to be able to identify or verify assets automatically; and can collect an array of associated data including movement, temperature, detailed asset information or media



The Blue Tree Beacons solution primarily uses low-cost, low energy bluetooth beacons equipped with ranges of 7-200m, battery life of 1-5 years and embedded sensors such as movement, orientation and temperature.

Beacons can be "meshed" together to form their own network, offering improved location tracking and configuration.

Beacons can be enclosed in a silicon casing, or any custom enclosure such as metal band, or other bespoke design.

In addition our service can take advantage of RFID, NFC, Eddystone, GPS and other types of beacons where the scenarios would benefit from it.

The service uses our bespoke IoT bridge to collect data from the beacons which it passes to our high performing and scalable cloud infrastructure which in turn can store and display the data within our dashboards, or integrate into third party systems via a secure service bus or cloud API’s.


Types of Blue Tree Beacons

Types of Blue Tree Beacons

We provide an innovative and highly efficient approach to intelligent asset tracking and reporting.


The BTB service can deliver fixed asset reporting, proximity marketing, and automated asset tracking, as well as innovative new approaches to tourism and retail intelligence.   You could say we are the hyperlocal solution that brings you and your customers closer together




To date our technology has being applied to retail asset management and brand compliance, proximity marketing, asset detection and verification, and asset tracking; and is being reviewed in innovative new areas for local authorities and parks maintenance.


Asset verification and Management

  • Assets can be remotely monitored for movement or temperature 
  • An IOT device or app can act as a bridge to pass this data to a cloud service, or beacons can "mesh" together to form their own intelligent network
  • Results can be shown live on a dashboard for monitoring live and historic data or fed into external systems.

Can be applied to retail outlets for brand compliance monitoring for example, or to monitor accurate mobile plant Inventory taken from stores with automatic log in/out

  • Provide “Last seen” tracking of lost/stolen items 
  • Detect motion and vibration of items (for compliance)


  • Silently log users who have passed nearby  
    • Enable monitoring scenarios for surveyors on rounds
    • Provide notifications as a user is passing nearby and notify of an alert condition for an asset
  • Direct location based marketing
    • Identify key users and send marketing messages directly to them based on their profile and the assets they are near

Building Maintenance and Security

  • Built and maintained automatically through use of the app
  • Can generate printable versions to form part of the O&M
  • Provides unique service log of who did what when
  • Asset data can be securely shared online with clients
  • Database is owned by client and can be transferred to other contractors in the future

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